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"Quality Web Development...Unique to your Business"     

  Pixelmation Website Development


  • Design from concept to reality -- you think it up, we can make it happen

  • Custom features, functions, graphics and programming according to your needs and specifications

  • Update, improve, streamline or reinvent your Web site

  • Improve customer management, increase productivity

  • Streamline internal tasks, improve database structure, simplify employee or customer access

  • Strictly quality, professional results -- guaranteed!

  • Complete one-stop, full service multi-media Web presence company that caters to your needs and budget!

CONTACT US NOW FOR A NO OBLIGATION PROJECT PROPOSAL AND QUOTE. We have years of experience providing our clients with a superior on-line presence that consistently exceeds their expectations. Contact Stephen Oachs at (408) 829-7668 or send an e-mail inquiry to stephen@pixelmation.com.

We accept:


  • We understand the difference between Web design and Web development, and will provide exactly what you need. Design, along with all its elements, are what give you the feel, style, class, fun and fabulous look you see on the page. Development takes design and makes it function to become the easy to use, interactive online presence that you need. There are many designers out there, but if you want more than an online postcard you need a good, solid, experienced developer that can make everything work and flow behind the attractive surface. The Pixelmation™ team has extensive experience in stunning graphic and site design as well as phenomenal site and portal development. With Pixelmation you receive "beauty and brains" in your Web site!

  • The combined experiences of the Pixelmation team make a diverse and professional portfolio of satisfied clients. From personal pages (wedding albums, fan sites, family pages) to hobby and at-home business e-brochures, all the way up to e-commerce portals and corporate Intranets, our services NEVER stop with just building a Web page.

  • Pixelmation has the knowledge and experience to transform your Web site into a useful tool that can generate additional business, improve customer management, streamline internal tasks, and give you full power over the Web. We have helped smaller businesses establish a professionally designed Web presence from start to success and we can do the same for you!

  • Our staff works with you to develop a Web presence that fits your unique business needs while being conscious of your budget. Your success truly is our success! If you are not happy, if you can not make money, we have not succeeded...and that is NOT an option. You deserve the best, and we are dedicated to provide you with just that--the best!

  Why Choose Pixelmation?

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Web Design Services

  • Customized for your business and industry
  • For a customer-centered web experience

Site Architecture Design

  • Easy web navigation
  • Effective layouts for repeat business

Database Design and Development

  • Includes business and systems analysis
  • Allows for easy integration of data models

Web Site Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL,PHP, Java etc.)

  • Follows web usability standards
  • Provides professional solutions

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients by providing the highest quality and most advanced products, services and support.

Every service we offer must meet the rigorous set of standards that we have developed. These standards ensure that your design, marketing and hosting needs exceed industry standards, creating a product that is as versatile as the Web itself.

The Pixelmation™ team brings together a unique and effective mix of technology specialists who can respond to your needs and translate them into continued success.

  Collaboration Tools

WEBMAIL will allow you to access your e-mail anywhere, from any computer with an Internet connection. Quick, safe and totally secure Internet e-mail at your fingertips--just as if you were sitting at your own desk! You've seen the popular on-line mail services such as Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail. Pixelmation WebMail takes the concept a step further and provides you with ALL the features you would expect from a full software e-mail client, and combines it with your current e-mail account(s)--giving you one full service e-mail center!

REAL-TIME TRAFFIC MONITORING allows you to see how many people are visiting your site instantly. No waiting until the end of the month to analyze your reports and see how effective your marketing might have been. Pixelmation's monitoring ability allows you to securely log into your reports anytime and see your data by month, week, day and even hour!

ON-LINE CALENDARS are invaluable when it comes to coordinating meetings, posting and tracking employee schedules or keeping track of customer-related deadlines or delivery dates. We can design calendars fit for any purposes you choose.

ON-LINE ADDRESS BOOKS keep your customer and employee contact information and relevant notes all in one place. You, your employees and coworkers can access and update the address book as needed, reducing inconsistent and outdated information.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS, built to your specifications, let you choose what you do and do not need. Why buy off-the-shelf software when we can build a tool that contains all the features you want without having to sift through features you do not want or need?

DOCUMENT LIBRARY to keep all your important documents such as contracts, agreements, invoices, marketing materials and much more all in a secure central location to be accessed from any computer, anytime. Work with managed and unmanaged documents with complete version control. This system works like a library, allowing the ability to have documents checked in and out of the system and avoiding valuable time and data loss.

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