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Pixelmation has in-depth knowledge of each search engine and its method of operation. We are constantly researching and tracking any changes search engines make, so we can maintain our leading-edge knowledge of indexing changes and requirements.

Industry studies have shown that 85% of users find Web sites through the most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, Lycos, Alta Vista and MSN. Because of the unique experiences the Pixelmation team has in the search industry, we are able to offer advantageous marketing options and services.

All our site development clients receive basic META tag preparation and Search Engine Optimization at no extra charge, in order to provide a solid base from which to begin serious online marketing. For those who prefer not to take the added time and diligent effort to get their own indexing and search engine submissions started, we offer convenient and affordable marketing options that will provide a good "head start" on marketing from the day their site is completed.

  Search Engine & Marketing 101

There are many ways to grow in the search ranks without spending money on search engine submission...

As a matter of fact, we recommend NOT wasting money on pay inclusion in most cases because it doesn't offer enough of an advantage (and many times the fees give you absolutely no advantage—the only exception are the few sites that guarantee placement within a specific timeline). At Pixelmation, we are a full-service Web development firm, from design to marketing, and we specialize in e-commerce sites. We have helped both new and existing sites refocus their online marketing and gain positive and targeted traffic without paying out for "expedited listings" or "submission software." We have a unique inside perspective on search engines, having developed and marketed in the search engine industry, and we have developed a good, strong and simple approach that really works and endures through the ever-changing standards in the search industry.

Submission software can appear to save time and effort, but in all reality, it doesn't...

We suggest to our clients that they don't waste their time with submission software. No matter how good it sounds, honestly, the best way to attain and maintain strong search engine rankings is with time, diligence and staying active online. Search engine submission and optimization is a marketing strategy, and as such is not a one-shot process; it requires a foundation and ongoing attention.

What we recommend to reach a good rank and maintain it:

  • Research keywords for your site. This will take some time, check out competitor's sites, etc.

  • Write GOOD title and description META tags for every page on your site. Currently you have tags only on your home page and they are extremely weak. You really need custom META tag info for every page.

  • Same with a keyword tag for every page.

  • Submit your site to every search engine you can...always use the free links because the paid ones won't give you any advantages, with few exceptions.

  • Wait...be patient...it can take three months or more to become listed by the "big guys" when you use indexing only.

  • Get a jump on the waiting and use search engine optimization techniques for your site content, online marketing such as press releases and circulating free articles, place your site on industry directories and local business directories online.

  • Put your site address on EVERYTHING. (Well, everything reasonable and legal.)

All of this can be done by you, however, if you don't have the hours needed to pursue some or all of this we would be delighted if you would consider us for your site marketing services. We offer a great marketing package, as well as a marketing maintenance option, developed through our many years of experience helping our clients market their sites. It will take us much less time and you can get your site noticed...fast! You can see a generous sampling of our successes in our portfolio.

  Promotion & Marketing Done For You!

Our strategic FOUNDATION MARKETING PACKAGE is available for only $279. This service is designed to provide you with solid site prep and a relevant keyword-rich base on which to begin or refresh your Web marketing and search engine optimization. You will receive:

  • Well-researched, targeted and highly relevant META data specific for each individual main category page of your site

  • Site submission to Google, Yahoo and a dozen other search engines and directories

  • Your press release professionally edited and returned in Microsoft Word and PDF formats for your own local news and offline use

  • Distribution (online) of a one page press release (provided by you)

  • Analysis of current site page content, and written suggestions provided to help you improve your content/site page text using the new targeted keywords

  • Site and press release distribution to local online outlets/sites if and when appropriate and available.

  • PRESS RELEASE: We will write a one page (approx. 200-300 words) press release for your site and distribute it as above. If you do not have a press release, this option can be a real asset in "jump-starting" your site promotion. The press release is only $125 when purchased with this marketing package. (Our regular press release and distribution service, without the marketing package, is $249 and may be purchased separately.)

  • Our Marketing Strategies document to help guide you in further marketing your site

    This is a great low-cost way to give you a firm foundation to start your marketing strategy.

Talk to us about listing your site, what you need for marketing, indexing and gaining online attention ... and ask us what we can do to help and support the success of your online presence. You will be glad you called!

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